The 2019 York Design Awards winners have been announced and you can see the full list here.


The Awards cover a wide range of categories including large and small residential development, commercial and public buildings, conservation and restoration projects and open spaces and are open to all projects completed in the last three years.
The 2020 York Design Awards will open for entries next year.


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When can I enter?

Typically, you will be able to enter the awards between the end of January and mid April each year. Please check the web site nearer the time for confirmation of the exact dates.

How do I enter?

Our preference is for you to submit an online application through this web site. If you are unable to do this then we also provide a postal address. When we are open for entries there will be a link on each page of our web site to take you directly to the application section.

How much does it cost to enter?

 It is completely free of charge

Is it important that I enter my scheme for the right category?

When you make an application you will be asked what category (or several categories) you feel it fits. Don’t worry if you are not sure which categories are correct for you. The judging panel will also consider this.

Are the York Design Awards a competition or are they given to anyone who achieves a certain high standard?

They are mostly a recognition of achieving a certain high standard of design. Therefore it is common for more than one award to be given in each category. Also, because of this, on some occasions no awards could be given, but this is unusual.

In addition to this, entries are also eligible for three special awards irrespective of the category they are considered under. There is one award for each of these

What happens after I enter?

All eligible applications will be visited by the judging panel, usually in around mid May. The application section advises what dates these visits will be on and so please make sure your entry will be available to visit at some point during these days. Unfortunately we can not arrange for the judges to visit on different dates to these.

All eligible applicants are automatically invited to the awards evening. This awards evening is usually in June or July and it is free of charge.

Can I change my application after it has been entered?

We will get in touch with you if your application is incomplete, but we generally do not accept resubmissions or alterations.

How do I know if my scheme is eligible to enter?

The scheme is usually a landscape or building project of some sort. Please see this link here (hyperlink) for information about categories.

It was built in the City of York Council boundary

The scheme was completed within the last three years. It has to be finished by the time the judges visit it, but it might not be complete when you enter.

The scheme was not submitted in previous years.

You have permission of the owner.

It is fully available to view during the dates of the judges visits.

How are the awards judged?

Please see this link for details on who judges the awards and how the judging panel is selected.

Who runs the awards and who funds them

The York Design Awards are run by a voluntary committee. Please see this link here (hyperlink) for details about how the awards are run and funded.

How do you treat the information I supply?

Information (excluding personal names/details etc..) contained in this application will be used in publicity material for the Awards and may be on public display before or after the event. As part of their studies, a group of University of York MA students will also assess the entries. Please do not submit standard scheme brochures or press releases that would require editing to comply with the above criteria.

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